Character Creator Scratchpad

Version 1.0

This application is built based on Image Creator Scratchpad. Just like Image Creator Scratchpad, this application allows easy and time saving manipulation for your own images. However it can also be used to create 2D characters (head, body, legs etc) based on the built-in collection of images, from other images on your hard-drive or from your own imported images. Not only that but using the built-in images or imported ones, you can create virtually anything you put your mind to. Inside the application, there are over 450 built-in images (released in the Public Domain) in 23 categories related to 2D image character creation. The built-in images are easily accessible and can be added to the main canvas by a simple mouse click.

The application features image rotation, image resizing, image filtering, image duplication, dragging images across the canvas, quick canvas scrolling, online image retrieval, creating animated Gif files, record movement resizing and rotation of images and then let the images move automatically, split an image into rectangles, rotating images the full 360 degrees by specifying the steps in degrees, image filters, adding text to images, adding sounds to images, generating an image based on all images on the canvas as well as a section to store your preferred images which can be later added to the canvas by a simple click of the mouse.

The current work in progress can be saved as an XML file to be loaded anytime later and the final image can be saved as PNG to preserve transparency. You can also save the image under the following formats: WMF, TIFF, MEMORYBMP, EXIF, EMF, BMP and JPG.

You can easily transform Character Creator Scratchpad into Image Creator Scratchpad by unchecking the three "Load Default Images" check boxes from the "Options" tab (see "Options Screen" in this page). With Image Creator Scratchpad you can use your own images.

Character Creator Scratchpad runs on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8/8.1, 10 - both 32 and 64 bits

  • You may download the feature limited version of the application, and evaluate the software for as long as you need
  • .Net Framework 4.0 required
  • The software is licensed per computer
  • Free upgrades for minor versions. Example of Major versions: 1.0, 2.0, 3.0. Example of Minor versions: 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, .., 1.9.
  • Free technical support via email
  • The registration code(s) will be sent by e-mail within 24 hours after your purchase is confirmed
  • A license is only $9.90 for the Standard license and $19.90 for the Professional license

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Notice the features available in the Standard and Professional licenses:

Download - Version 1.0

If your system is a 32 bit system then download and install the 32 bit version of the application.

If your system is a 64 bit system then download and install the 64 bit version of the application.

        Download 64 bit version

        Contact us for the 32 bit version download URL

Read the Help files         Get PAD file

Click here to see our collection of images created so far by us using this application!

Check out the screenshots below!

Main Screen - Once you start the application you are presented with the canvas on the left and the images on the right. The images are grouped in three main categories: "Face", "Body" and "Extra" and further in subcategories, for example "Eyes", "Nose", "Hands", "Feet" etc. To scroll up and down to see all images, you can hover the mouse near the top (for scrolling down) and bottom (for scrolling down) of the panel/section containing the built-in images. For scrolling, you can also click the panel containing the images and then either use the UP and DOWN arrow keys or the Page Up and Page Down keys. To add an image to the canvas, simply click it. You can right click the canvas or an individual image to see more options. To make the canvas bigger, right click it, and select "Show/Hide Right Side Controls"

Main window of the application

My Images Screen - After having built a part of your final image or the final image itself, you can right click the Canvas and select "New Image" -> "From Entire Canvas" (make sure the background of the canvas is Transparent for this to work correctly). This will add to the canvas, an image of the current canvas content. Then you can right click this newly added image and add it to the "My Images" section in the folder which is currently active. You can have as many folders as you like in the "My Images" section (just press the "Add New" button). You can scroll the folders in the "My Images" section using the top left and right buttons in that section. For easier scrolling among "My Images" folders it is advisable to keep a few hundred images (instead of thousands of images) inside each folder.

My Images Screen - Create new images from entire canvas

My Images Screen - Add image to the My Images section

Options Screen - In this screen you have options like "Load Scratchpad From Disk", "Save Scratchpad To Disk", "Save Image To Disk", "Refresh Preview", "Set Scratchpad Color", "Set Transparent Background", "Clear Scratchpad", "Help Files", set the scratchpad dimensions and a few more, see images below.

Options Screen - View 1 Options Screen - View 2

Here are 6 easy steps to create the head of a character. You can create the entire character by adding the body, hands and feet in a similar way:
Step 1:

Character Creator Scratchpad - Step 1

Step 2:

Character Creator Scratchpad - Step 2

Step 3:

Character Creator Scratchpad - Step 3

Step 4:

Character Creator Scratchpad - Step 4

Step 5:

Character Creator Scratchpad - Step 5

Step 6:

Character Creator Scratchpad - Step 6

Step 7:

Character Creator Scratchpad - Step 7

Step 8:

Character Creator Scratchpad - Step 8

Step 9:

Character Creator Scratchpad - Step 9

Step 10:

Character Creator Scratchpad - Step 10

Step 11:

Character Creator Scratchpad - Step 11

Step 12:

Character Creator Scratchpad - Step 12

Step 13:

Character Creator Scratchpad - Step 13

Step 14:

Character Creator Scratchpad - Step 14

Next Step (Step 15): Imagine what you can do using the built-in images, your own images or images from the Internet. For the biggest and commercially free collection of images go to: OpenClipArt.Org

The images presented below in the three categories (Characters, Character Heads and Scratchpad Images) are created by us with Character Creator Scratchpad and are released in the Public Domain. Using the images in Character Creator Scratchpad, you can create all kind of images very easily which you can then either sell or release in the Public Domain on your own site/blog.

First, please notice the image below, it shows a series of images, each image being created using the image shown before it, so image 2 is created from image 1, image 3 from image 2, and so on. This is done using Character Creator Scratchpad.

Category: Characters

Here are some of the characters we created so far with Character Creator Scratchpad:

Category: Character Heads

Here are some of the character heads we created so far with Character Creator Scratchpad:

Category: Scratchpad Images

Here are some of the images we created so far with Character Creator Scratchpad:

Filtered Images


Christmas Trees - Filtered Images
Click here to see more Christmas images (Christmas trees, Christmas hats and Christmas socks)

Here are more of the characters we created so far:

Here are more of the character heads we created so far:

Here are more of the images we created so far: